Printed Marquees Draw Attention to Events and Attract Spontaneous Visitors

Announcements on social media and in advertising can only accomplish so much. When the day of the event arrives, the organization may want to promote it directly with on-site features such as printed marquees. That way, anyone driving or walking by can’t miss what’s going on. They read the message on the tent and, if it’s appealing, they stop in. This kind of Event promotion allows for some spontaneity and attracts visitors who would otherwise not have attended.

Consider a small church that’s holding a rummage sale over a weekend. The church will attract regular rummagers who scour local ads for opportunities, but promotional features outside the building will catch the eye of passersby who might be interested. Perhaps some of the members might have a bake sale under the marquee or cook hot dogs to sell. Bottled water and soft drinks can be kept in ice in coolers and offered for sale as well. Those are welcome beverages on a hot day.

Passersby may notice the smoke from the cookout or see the barbecue chefs standing by the grill, but promoting the rummage sale on the marquee offers an added reason to stop. If male and female domestic partners are in the automobile, the stereotypical result would be the woman wanting to shop at the sale and the man acquiescing so he can have some hot dogs and shoot the breeze with the grill masters. As more people stop in, other passersby take note and decide it would be fun to see what’s up. The success of the event is significantly boosted by having the promotional materials on site, easily visible for everyone to see from the road.

Printed marquees from a company such as Dynamic Gift Promotions can be designed with specific colors, fonts and logos. Church members might want colors associated with their particular organization, or they might simply choose hues that are bold and noticeable. Puns and other comical turns of phrase are sometimes placed on church signboards outside the building to provide both a spiritual insight and a laugh, and that can be accomplished on printed marquees as well.